Excelitte.AI Offensive & Defensive Cybersecurity approach

Offensive & Defensive Cybersecurity

We are developing Excelitte.AI to use Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning to pre-empt, defend against and reverse attack all Cyber Security Attacks incidents. Excelitte.AI employs Proactive/Offensive Cybersecurity practices such as

  • Using emerging Information Technology such as Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, Automation type technology to actively analyse, seek out, pre-empt, and stop attacks before they even happen or in the conception stage.
  • Seek to learn more, gather data, profile potential attackers, and get on the offensive in attacking or disrupting the activities of such cybersecurity criminal groups IT Networks.

“Excelitte.AI profiles the profiler, and the hunter becomes the hunted”.

Also a Proactive/Offensive cybersecurity approach prescribes taking the fight to the cybercriminals, disrupting them in their stride and perhaps provide punitive digital punishment to serve as a future deterrent from simple steps such as the following below to even more draconian ones as necessary.

  • Remotely wipe the computer clean from which the perpetrator is operating from whenever possible.
  • Dismantle or disrupt whatever IT Network that they are operating from.
  • Digitally wreck as much damage as possible on the whatever host servers or platforms they are operating from.
  • Digitally gather enough data to be able to prosecute any individuals or groups who have committed cybercrimes.

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