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Excelitte automates the process of transferring/relocating your spreadsheet data to a database, secures it from ransomware attacks in seconds, and can recover the data if lost, no matter the circumstance.



Excelitte imports or captures your data from a spreadsheet and transforms it into a web application in an instant, literally in seconds. Example 1 million rows of data can be captured and transformed in approximately 40 seconds.

Excelitte is your response to the cybersecurity threat - specifically ransomware

Almost all ransomware attacks target and encrypt or lock data in known file formats such as docx, xlsx etc.

Excelitte offers to hold your files in a database structure much harder to target.

Uses two-factor authentication and biometrics to prevent anyone from viewing your information.

Excelitte is an automation tool that captures data from spreadsheets, then solves the usual problems with using spreadsheets such as accidental deletion or transformation, security, manipulating/analysing large volumes of data and duplication of the same spreadsheet data.

You could never lose data held in Excelitte to Ransomware criminals, since it is auto backed up weekly and sent to you via email.

What you get with a free trial of Excelitte

  • Convert, migrate, or move up to 1 million rows of spreadsheet data in less than 40 seconds into a web-based application.

  • Your data is automatically converted, stored very securely, there are no exposed files that can be ransomed, its details stolen or any form of unauthorised access to your data.

  • Your data is backed up, can be restored in minutes, and sent to your email address weekly or every three days depending on your preference without you having to lift a finger.

  • Automatically generated 2D summated summary reports for all numerical data.

  • Automatic data trend and chart analysis in the form of pie, bar, line, and scatter graphs.

  • Single use of your data, on your single PC and no exposure to the internet, when your computer is connected to the Internet if required.

Alana Mclean - Ticker News Anchor – says about Excelitte “It is fantastic use of technology to manage & secure data”

Avoid spending hundreds of thousands of dollars and waiting for months or years to migrate or move your data into a database web-based software application, start a free trial today.

Excelitte Databases vs Spreadsheets

Excelitte & Data Security

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Excelitte protects your data by ensuring

  • Data is backed up automatically every day, every two days, weekly, or monthly depending on your preference and sent to you automatically by email. With Excelitte holding your staff, you will not be affected by ransomware attacks, data theft, or loss since you can always recover your data from your backup.

  • That the file holding the data cannot easily be copied, viewed, or accessed by any non users.

  • Data is accessed, viewed or amended only after biometrics, digital ID, machine ID or IP address authentication.
Data Security

Excelitte Demo Videos

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Move your spreadsheet data into Excelitte in 35 seconds and never have to pay out any money to ransomware criminals.

Data is a company’s highly valuable asset that needs to be retrieved and updated. Excelitte provides this function instantly.

The data held in spreadsheets is prone to changes and transformation i.e. fractions converted to dates.

Overwriting of each other’s data updates & different copies and versions saved in different folders, no single source of truth.

Spreadsheets have limited data capacity and can lead to data loss which can severely disrupt/impact your business.

Loss of data when any computer that the latest version is saved is lost, stolen destroyed, or not switching on.

With multiple people working on the same project, version control is challenging. Excelitte solves this.

Want to know more, read what the experts have to say.

Excelitte automatically converts thousands of spreadsheet data into a website application and can now be edited, new data added, viewed, analysed & manipulated.

You can convert thousands of spreadsheet data into Excelitte allowing you to view them all on the same page and can be accessed privately on your computer or shared across a team.


Excelitte backs up your data weekly and sends you notification via email. The backups are also listed in the Excelitte dashboard.


Also, accessible privately if required and the data held in Excelitte is exposed to a single user PC only.


Installed directly on your server or PC so the data is stored safely & securely.


Convert data from a spreadsheet to a database that can be retrieved from anywhere via the web.


Unlimited amount of data can be stored, retrieved, updated, and edited in an efficient & timely manner.


Can handle any number of simultaneous user updates.


Holds unlimited amount of data, subject only to the space of the host computer.


Excelitte version 2, available mid-2021, provides predictive analytics on data stored.


Data updates are easily recoverable, in the event of a computer crash, theft of device or accidental deletion of data.


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First contact us via our form.

You can choose any of the three packages:


Excelitte Bronze Subscription (Convert 1 - 500 records)


Excelitte Gold Subscription (Convert 1 - 10,000 records)


Excelitte Platinum Subscription (Convert unlimited records)

  1. Single User, Personal Computer – Single Installation, Single Database with unlimited number of spreadsheets converted into tables.
    • Excelitte Platinum - Convert unlimited records
    • Excelitte Gold - Convert 1 - 10,000 records
    • Excelitte Bronze - Convert 1 - 500 records

  2. Enterprise - Single Installation on a Cloud or Data Centre Server – Shared usage of the same data in one Database instance with unlimited number of spreadsheets converted into tables.
    • Excelitte Platinum – Unlimited Installations - Convert Unlimited records
    • Excelitte Gold - Unlimited Installations - Convert 1 - 10,000 records

  3. Enterprise – Unlimited number of installations on any Cloud or Data Centre Server as required.
    • Excelitte Platinum – Unlimited Installations - Convert Unlimited records
    • Excelitte Gold - Unlimited Installations, Convert 1 - 10,000 records
Once it is paid for, we will arrange for a date/time to log into your computer and install Excelitte either in person or remotely.

Your computer or server computer will need to be connected to the Internet at decent/fast Internet speed and please allow 1 hour for the installation.

Once Excelitte is installed on your PC or Computer, you can now leverage the power of a database application and work even more productively, accurately, and securely with your data.

Our second version which is the Excelitte Artificial Intelligence Machine Learning model will now use your data as input to automatically derive intelligent, scientific, and predictive data analytics.

For example, generating analytics that provides a 360% view of your customer or client or predicting sales, peaks, troughs or on product demand or competitor pricing just to mention a few.

All Excelitte purchases come with the following.
  • A one-year support service includes two complimentary call out's to remotely or physically re-install Excelitte if you rebuild your PC, Cloud or Data Centre Server or if Excelitte is just not working. For any issues please first check out the FAQ page.
  • Unlimited Email Enquiry Support with a 72-hour response turnaround time.
  • We can customise Excelitte to suit your specific need.
We can also develop customized Information Technology solutions that will convert or migrate your business data stored in whatever form to a Web based software application.