Once logged into your Excelitte account, click on the ‘Upload file’ page and walk through the step-by-step instructions for each section.


To view your data as a graphical chart, please do the following – Navigate to the table page itself and click on “Analyse my data”. A dropdown of different charts will appear for you to choose from.

FAQ 3.1

FAQ 3.2

After selecting your chart of preference, follow the next few pages to view your data in the form of the selected chart type.

FAQ 3.3

Please contact us via our website and we will arrange for one of our support engineers to reinstall Excelitte on your computer.

Your data is backed up automatically every week and sent to your admin user account email address. Please check your junk mail folder for this message and add the to your email safelist. We strongly recommend that you create an email folder called backups and save at least four weeks back up emails in the folder to assist in recovering your data if we need to reinstall Excelitte.

The reports available in the admin dashboard are also captured from your weekly backup.

Excelitte can capture and manage any kind data on customers, products, logistics, delivery addresses, managing your stock & inventory, data generated from your daily business activities, and accounting data if other accounting tools are not already in use.

The Excelitte point of difference is that it can manage any kind of data unlike other tools because for example it simply can captures accounting and customer Data as distinct individual tables and objects.

So, in other words Excelitte can be used to manage all forms of business data whilst QuickBooks for example can only be used to manage accounting-related data only.